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Another Blast From the Past: Our local newspaper here in Santa Rosa recently published a three-page article from ntvbmedia.com's ReMIND magazine. It covers the year of 1969. This is a PDF document, so you will need an appropriate reader. ReMIND's Year of 1969.   Added 12/1/19.

Blast From the Past: Take a look at this article regarding SI's April 7th, 1967 Jefferson Airplane concert. The photos, however, seem to be from some concert at the Avalon Ballroom. This was contributed by an anonymous "friend of SI's class of '69". It was an article published in the April 27th, 1967 issue of the Catholic Monitor. The text, in case you are too sober to read it, says "The Dance". Added 10/27/09.

Frank Dunnigan ('70) wrote a great article for the Western Neigborhoods Project website in which he describes the last days of the old SI and the transition to the new Sunset location. He truly captured the mood of the transition. Included are some tales of petty larceny and he even names somes names (yours truly included.) This is a wonderful trip down memory lane and a must-read for all SI grads. Check out his article at outsidelands.org. And if you really want to feel old, remember...the "new" SI is now older than the "old" SI was when we graduated! Added 9/3/09.

While not SI related, most every SI grad spent at least some time at the Marin Town & Country Club drooling over all those teenage girls. While it has been closed since 1972, John Martini recently got in to take pictures. According to John, Basically....nothing has been done with most of the complex in 37 years. Several residents occupy the former summer cabins on the property, but the picnic grounds, pools, playgrounds and concessions stand empty as if everyone just walked away during the Nixon administration -- which they did. Check out his pics at http://www.pbase.com/jamartini/marintowncountry. For a then/now comparison, also see http://www.marindirect.com/mtcc/ Added 9/4/09.

Check out this article from the Las Vegas Sun regarding the Summer of '69.

Talking Like a Native
John Martini dug up this old article by Chronicle writer Carl Nolte titled "Talking Like A Native", which describes the tribal characteristics of our vanishing breed - native San Franciscans. SI even gets a mention about halfway through. Although the story is a few years old (e.g., the reference to broadcaster Van Amburg on KGO), it's still pretty relevant today. Read it here!

Old 35th Reunion Web Page
You can still check out the 35th reunion web page for old photos (of older farts!)

Old 30th Reunion Web Site
You can still check out the old 30-year reunion web site for old photos (of old farts!)

Nostalgia time!
If you don't already feel old enough, you will when you read some of the events that were happening around the time we graduated. Here is a list of events and music that made up the Year of 1969.

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